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What’s your Storyline? Articulate users evening

In the years since it’s release, Articulate’s Storyline has quite quickly¬†become the foremost elearning authoring tool. And not without good reason. It’s ease of use is rarely matched, making the most, as it does, of everyone’s familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint.

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How I learned to stop worrying and love xAPI

The L&D community, like its HR parent, loves a good¬†buzzword. And few have buzzed louder over the last few years than “Tin Can”, the mysterious successor to the ubiquitous SCORM. But wee think that unlike most of the other words

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Join us to talk about elearning visuals

Wee’ve found new friends so weelearning is back as a monthly get together. In December we’re talking about visuals in elearning. Among those already confirmed as going are developers with years of experience so if you want to ask questions

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