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Ultimate Conference-zilla part 2: Better content by design

This is part 2 in our series rounding up the “research” we carried out into Redesigning the Conference Experience. Part one focused on ways to make networking more effective and inclusive. Next we’re going to look at ways to improve

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Ultimate Conference-zilla Part 1: Improving the Networking Experience

Last month we asked “How do you design the Ultimate Conference Experience?” We posed the question here on our website, on our Google Plus community, on the DPG community, at the last weeLearning meetup and in various LinkedIn groups (nobody

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Thesign Drinking (design thinking in the pub)

design thinking prototyping kit

What do you get if you take 9 people, a box of lego, 6 pots of play dough, some pipe cleaners, a load of post its and then add beer? Er – this… As I said in the video we

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