Play to Learn

Play is the most natural way to learn. You only have to watch a two year old, for half an hour, to see this in action. It’s self directed, engaging and rewarding, it can also be social and collaborative (although rarely in the case of two year olds).

However, most school systems across the world spend the next 14 years gradually removing play from learning. The concept of playing to learn is alien by the time most people make it to the world of work. Try suggesting a game to help people learn something in a corporate setting and kiss your credibility goodbye.

And yet, the video game industry has never been stronger. Last year video game sales were larger than video sales, making “the gaming industry the country’s biggest entertainment sector.”

Playing games is mainstream, so how do we reintroduce play to learning?

We’re very excited that Tomas Rawlings from Auroch Digital and Red Wasp Design will be joining us to give his take on the subject. Tomas has worked in the games industry for many years and has worked with companies such as Sony, THQ and Eidos (now SquareEnix) on platforms such as  PC, Dreamcast, PlayStation2 and 3 and Xbox, PSP, web-games, iOS, Android & Windows Phone 7.  He has also worked as an associate lecturer at Bridgwater College and UWE.

It’s our last event of the year and we decided to spoil you, so we’ve also got John Curran with a demo of Tango, a business board-game from Celemi. Experiential!

Make sure you join us on Wednesday 21st November

at The Urban Wood, Bristol from 7pm

Free Tickets here (but space is limited!)

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