Are we obsessed with change?

Stick or TwistNew tools and new (or re-packaged) ideas appear every week, but how do we pick the fads from the game changers?

When is it right to push for change?

Is any tool or theory sacred anymore or is everything up for grabs?

Our next event is on Wednesday 18th July at The Urban Wood in Bristol

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The line up:

John Curran from Designed for Learning will be asking Can you learn from Reading?

Books are one of the original learning technologies and still arguably the most popular, but are they effective?

Please bring your favourite learning related book with you and be ready to briefly explain why you chose it and how it influenced you.

Zak Mensah looks at Digital Publishing in Education 2012

In this session Zak will take a look at the current digital publishing landscape and how this affects education. Zak will explore the current challenges we face and suggest possible solutions that we can use today.


We’re always looking for speakers, so if you have something interesting to say why not come along and say it?

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