Curate? Create? Debate!

When: Thursday 18th October from 6pm first talk at 6.30pm

Where: The Cork, 11-12 Westgate Buildings, Bath BA1 1EB

How: Reserve your free ticket on Eventbrite here

Curation is changing the way we use the internet and as a result it’s starting to change learning. We’re rather fond of it ourselves, but it throws up the obvious question, when should you create new content and when (and how) should you use curation tools and techniques to meet learners needs?

We’re lucky enough to have Martin Couzins joining us this month. Martin is a journalist and communications consultant, he recently launched a new website which curates learning related stories. It’s called He’ll be talking about why he curates, what it looks like from a task/process point of view and the tools he uses.

Martin would also like to gather your views on curation. If you have any experience of or opinion about curation why not add to this Google Doc or leave your comments on Twitter using #weecurate.

Sam Burrough is an Online Learning Consultant for a Financial Services firm. He’ll look at how you can use curation tools to help people become more independent learners. He’ll be talking about a project he’s been running this year using an online curation tool called

Then it’s over to you. What’s your view on curation? What examples have you seen or tried? When do you have to create something from scratch and when can you just re-position some existing content?

If you aren’t familiar with any of this watch this video to find out more about curation.