Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.

Steve Jobs

Jobs was, of course, from America, where all the best innovations originate in garages. Wee’re a bit different and like Archimedes apt to think that innovative thinking is best done in the Bath, or in the pub. Why not join us on Wednesday 20 February 2013 for what could well shape up to be the most innovative night of the year when we invite you to admit to your mistakes, in a pub, in (the) Bath. Brilliant!

Our first visit to Bath in 2013 is our Fabulous February Festival of Fail. Drop the mask and reveal your biggest mistake, most grievous error, most colossal cock-up, in a round the table meet and greet. We’ve no stand-up talks this time round, just a chance for meaningful conversation about learning, development and technology with some old friends and some new ones we made during Learning Technologies and BETT.


We’ll be in The Raven of Bath from 7pm

Kick-off will be at 7pm. Don’t forget to come armed with the elevator pitch for your particular failure!

Hat-tip to Nesta who ran their own Fail Fest in November which we liked the sound of.

Reserve your free place here

More wee event news

If you live in Gloucestershire, you should check out the first weelearning Glos, taking place in Stroud on Thursday 28 February, organised by weelearning regular Gill Chester.

Hold on to the lessons you learn from the sharing at FFFF – it might very well come in handy if you choose to join us for the Big Idea, our day long event in Bristol in April. We’ll tell you more about it on the evening.