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Author: Sam Burrough

A modest success

Thanks to the hardy souls who braved the wintriest evening of the year so far to join us at the Bristol Ram for the inaugural weelearning, and  a second but no less important thanks to those of you out there who joined in the conversation on Twitter! Those that made it were “treated” to a couple of short talks that worked well to stimulate debate. First up, Kate Graham spoke to the group about the need for care in choosing the words we use to express ourselves. Kate, who is a marketing consultant with lots of experience of the online learning world, sparked a debate that spread...

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a word from our sponsors

weelearning is really pleased to announce Packt Publishing is to sponsor our first event. Packt are a modern, UK-based publishing house who produce indispensable books for elearning people – developers, administrators and newbies. Packt have a strong commitment to open source software too, in particular they have strong support for Moodle, but also other great tools for elearning folk like GIMP, Inkscape and WordPress. Since 2010 Packt have also offered a great e-book offer – PacktLib. For a monthly fee you can access their full catalogue of books online – that’s over 640 titles or to put it another...

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what can you expect from weelearning?

There’s no shortage of events, conferences and seminars these days about learning and technology, so why should you give up your free time to come to weelearning..?   The idea for weelearning was born a few months back when Dan and I arranged to meet down the pub one Sunday afternoon. We didn’t know each other, we’d never met face to face, but we knew of each other thanks to the eLearning Network and Twitter. To some, especially my wife, this may seem a little odd, “you’re going out to meet some guy you met on the internet for...

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Support the eLearning Network

The eLearning Network is a not-for-profit organisation that supports and promotes elearning in the UK. Associate membership is free with different tiers of paid-for subscription available, all of which include a subscription to e.learning Age. Through its activities it brings together users and vendors and the eLN is a key contributor to the annual e.learning Age awards – our industry’s black-tie awards for the year. Why are we mentioning them? Because we’re members and lots of the people we know across the country are too. Until 2011 they had restricted their activities to seminars in London but this year,...

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