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Author: Sam Burrough

WEE3 – Time to Settle Down

We’ve fixed a date for the next WEELearning event..! And we’ve gone back to being free entry again! And we’ve moved the start time to 6.30pm, so there’s no need to go home after work just head straight down the pub! And this will be the first event in our new regular slot; from here on in WEELearning will take place on the 2nd Wednesday of every other month. So here are the dates for the rest of the year. 14th March at the Bristol Ram on Park Street 9th May 11th July 12th September 14th November No excuses...

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WeeLearning2 >> 18th Jan at the Ram

The Conference season kicks into overdrive this month with BETT, Learning Technologies, Learning and Skills and Learning without Frontiers. We’d all love to go to at least one of these stellar events but most of us can’t afford the time off work or the train ticket, let alone the admission price, so we’re offering an alternative to those of you lucky enough to live near Bristol; the next installment of weelearning. A little late off the starting line, but we’re all set for our second evening of talking learning and technology. We’ll be downstairs again at The Bristol Ram on...

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Wee need you!

Yeah I know there’s Christmas and all that to come, but more importantly wee2 will be here before you know it and we need interesting people to talk about things they feel passionately about. Have you got a burning issue that you want to share? Heres the scope.. keep it brief – 10 minutes max everyone is welcome but no sales pitches please make sure it’s interesting for everyone, no matter what their background (weelearning is all about inclusion) we have a screen, laptop and wifi – it’s up to you how/if you use them If you’re up for...

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What more do you want?

As both Dan and I come from a training background we couldn’t help but ask for feedback from those that attended wee1, but clearly there are lots of people who may be interested but couldn’t join us on the night. Your opinions and desires are equally important to us, so why not add them to this short questionnaire so we can attempt to fulfill them You can also use it to leave your email just make sure you don’t miss out on future events Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool. Share...

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Thanks to the hardy souls who braved the winteriest evening of the year so far to join us at the Bristol Ram for the inaugural weelearning, and a second, but no less important thanks, to those of you out there who joined in the conversation on Twitter! the talks Those that made it were “treated” to a couple of short talks that worked well to stimulate debate. First up, Kate Graham spoke to the group about the need for care in choosing the words we use to express ourselves. Kate, who is a marketing consultant with lots of experience of the online learning world, sparked a debate that spread far beyond the walls of the Ram – you’ll find a discussion on Twitter, quite literally with our name on it, that picked up on something Kate had said about the naming of things.If you want to know more about Kate’s talk, do check out her blog as she talks about the experience of giving the same talk under pechakucha conditions. The second talk, given by wee founder Dan Roddy, took a look at some examples of the fad de jour, gamification, and how they can be applied to learning. Here’s the slideshare version.. Gamification by example View more presentations from Dan Roddy   freebies For those that attended we did offer up two remarkable gifts from our sponsors, Packt...

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