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Author: Sam Burrough

Let’s Play!

This morning I took the usual route through the centre of Bristol, past the old Bridewell Police Station, cut through by The Lanes, up to the top of Corn Street, over Bristol Bridge and then down Victoria street. But, cycling into work this morning something felt different. It felt like something might happen. Something unusual and exciting, which is pretty rare for a Monday morning. This is the lingering effect of Igfest, Bristol’s interesting games festival, which Dan and I took part in on Saturday, along with a few hundred other people. We played Cargo – The Orchid Remix, which...

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Is it good enough for you?

When it comes to designing eLearning courses you can’t deny that branching scenarios that show the consequences of a learner’s choices or actions are the ultimate and the highest form of elearning content. No really you can’t, you’ll be excommunicated from the eLearning community if you do. Ok so I’m exaggerating, but week after week we read blogs from the leading designers in our field telling us that scenarios are the best you can do with eLearning. But are they really that good? Or are they really only good when you compare them to the alternative; the multiple choice...

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Bristol (and the West)’s Got Talent

I’ve been thinking a lot about what weeLearning is and I’d like to tell you how I see it. weeLearning is an attempt to recreate our favourite bit about conferences and seminars. The bit where you head down the pub afterwards to discuss all the stuff you’ve seen, chat about what you do and find out what your peers are doing. It’s great to hear from the leading thinkers at big events, but it’s the one to one chats that happen at lunch, or down the pub afterwards that I enjoy most and it’s the relationships that helps to build...

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The WEE Question – Don’t call it a Tweetchat!

  I’ve never really got into the whole tweetchat thing, mostly because the timing is generally inconvenient, but also because there’s something slightly narcissistic about them. Sometimes it feels like they’re more about delivering the killer line and getting 30 re-tweets than sharing ideas. The WEE Question is a bit different. It’s a warm up for the main event this Wednesday (14th March 2012), an ice breaker if you like, a chance to get your head in the same place as the other people attending and an opportunity to get ideas on the topic from a wider audience. There’s only...

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