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Author: Sam Burrough

TinCan Curious

Here’s my recipe for starting an argument on Twitter: 1. Include the following hashtag: #tincanapi 2. Have an opinion about said hashtag 3. Send You could be enthusiastic, suspicious or apathetic, it really doesn’t matter. For some reason project TinCan has become a divisive bi-partisan issue. You’re either with us or against us. I wasn’t especially interested in TinCan until a few weeks ago. I was somewhere between apathetic and suspicious. The over-zealous marketing probably accounts for this. Late last year Jane Hart voiced her reservations on Twitter about the value of trying to manage learning through SCORM or...

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Hey buddy, what’s the Big Idea?

Most events we go to are about listening to other people talk about the great things they’ve done. Or, listening to industry gurus talk about the best way to do one thing or another. That’s fine and dandy, but it can get a bit repetitive, not to mention expensive. It seems like such a waste to get so many interesting, talented people together and then only hear from a handful of them. The Big Idea is different, it’s a chance for anyone to tell everyone about something they’d like to do. Have you ever pitched an idea to your boss,...

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weeLearning – open source blended networking

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to this week’s Learning Technologies Conference or Exhibition, one thing is guaranteed, you’re going to meet a lot of cool, interesting people. You may even end up down the pub with one or two of them, especially if you’re going to Curation Camp. You’ll probably think to yourself, wistfully on the way home, “ah, I wish I could do that more often.” But you can’t because that’s it for another year, who knows when you’ll be able to afford to go again? That’s the feeling that spurred Dan and I to create the very first weeLearning event in October 2011. It was free, about eight people turned up and we (ok, Dan) lost £20. Just over a year later and we get 15-25 people at each event, it’s still free to attend and it doesn’t cost us (even Dan) anything to put on. People regularly travel from as far away as Brighton, Chichester, Exeter and Ascot to join us. That’s very cool, but it’s also a little bit crazy. So, we want to encourage and support you to create your own weeLearning events wherever you live. We’ll share our experiences and infrastructure to make it easier to get started. We’ll help you promote it on our website and on Twitter. All you need to do is find a venue, a date and start spreading...

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WeeLearning 7 – Play to Learn

The last weeLearning event for 2012 was called Play to Learn. We were delighted to be joined by Tomas and Debbie Rawlings from Auroch Digital and John Curran from Designed for Learning. Tomas kicked things off by talking about the work that Auroch have been doing lately which has it’s roots in game jams. A game jam is basically a hack day over 24 or 48 hours, which brings together game developers and designers as well as audio and visual artists to compete in teams to produce the best game possible in the limited time available. More than anything...

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