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Author: Sam Burrough

What if we ran weeLearning inside a company?

After reading this post by Clark Quinn today something clicked. In my day job I’ve been working hard on an alternative approach to workplace learning. We call it Love Learning. The aim is to promote and support independent learning throughout the company, instead of just sending people on courses. The first month or so was a great success, but it’s probably fair to say we hit a plateau in February. Don’t get me wrong, number-wise things are great, we’ve continued to get lots more hits on our intranet and posts. But that’s barely scratching the surface of what...

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Stop thinking like a trainer. Start thinking like a designer.

Let’s pretend you are a classroom trainer… The business has told you to deliver training to all 150 Customer Service Assistants to explain some new changes to some of your core processes and procedures. This is your bread and butter. It’s what they pay you for. It’s in your job description. So of course you get in touch with the procedures team and learn all about the changes, you talk to the subject matter experts in the Customer Services team to understand why the changes are being made. You write your learning objectives, you get them signed off. Then...

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Crunch Time!

UPDATE: This post was a last gasp attempt to shift enough tickets to get The Big Idea off the ground. Alas, it did not work. So there’s not much point in reading it really, unless you want to learn from our mistakes, admire our transparency and openness. Or maybe you just like chihuahuas and popcorn. ——————————————— Tickets to The Big Idea have been on sale for just over a month. We’ve had some great feedback about the idea and it seemed like people were really excited about the event.  We’ve even got a highly respected Learning Architect coming along...

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How do you design the ultimate conference experience?

Chat2lrn is a regular tweetchat for learning folks. The topic this week was “Choosing the right conference”. If you’re spending up to a £1000 on a ticket then it’s important you pick the right one and get a lot out of the experience. You can catch the full transcript of the tweetchat here. It got me thinking about what we expect from the conference experience and whether there might be a better way to meet those needs. Why do we go to conferences? Ideas – we go to hear the thought leaders, the gurus, talking about best and next...

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Why Design Thinking will make you a more valuable business partner

Do you design learning solutions or business solutions? As learning (or training) designers we’re rarely involved in a project as early as we’d like. By the time we get involved the problem has been defined, often incorrectly, and so has the scope of our involvement. How many times have you been asked to design a training intervention when you know there is a fundamental flaw in the wider system, a flaw which you have no control over? You know as well as we do that this compromises what we can contribute. It’s incredibly frustrating. We believe that Design Thinking...

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