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Author: Evie Akerman

Looking for an LMS – forget faffing, go simple!

Fireant associate Vicki Rutter is a Learning and Development Manager who specialises in instructional design, eLearning, and blended learning. Vicki takes a special interest in learning technologies and has used her extensive experience of software training to help us find the perfect LMS for your projects. Have a read and find out why going simple could be the best business decision you ever made.  Illustration courtesy of Share...

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Wee’re back!

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with more from the L&D sector to share with you. To kick things off, the usual suspects Dan Roddy and Sam Burroughs have joined forces with local eLearning agency Fireant Creative, and HR guru Gina Childs to answer your questions about compliance, eLearning solutions and what works within the industry. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event, this meetup is not being featured on weelearning. But have no fear because more events just like it will follow shortly. Share...

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