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Author: Dan Roddy

wee’re welcoming the eLearning Network to Bristol

Our friends at the eLearning Network are returning to Bristol with the first of their new look events on 16 July at the Bristol & Bath Science Park. Join other weelearners at the event to discuss where elearning is going. If you’ve ever attended an eLN event you’ll know how useful they can be. If it’s your first, you’ll find it a great way to find out what others like you are up to and extend your connections in the industry. Better still, the line up for this event is really strong, with speakers including Lisa Minogue-White, Lindsey Coode, Mark Berthelemy and Owen Ferguson, so you can guarantee the discussion will be top notch. Here’s what the eLN has to say: This workshop looks at some of the latest developments in eLearning from agile project development approaches to the use of responsive design in developing content for multiple devices. We also take a look at what blended learning means in 2015 and give you an opportunity to do some crystal ball gazing with an Open Space session exploring a range of possible directions that eLearning might take in 2016. Agile development in eLearning The new blended learning Responsive design in eLearning What’s new in Learning Technologies Open Space session You can find out more here. Best of all, the event is free to eLN members and membership is now just £29. (It used to be much more, so you really have no excuse now!) Simply...

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The Ignite LTS line-up

Before Christmas we asked for people to “Enlighten us, but make it quick” at Ignite LTS as part of the Learning Technologies / Learning & Skills exhibition at Olympia 29-30 January. Without further ado, let me introduce the people who answered our call: David Kelly – The Power of Wearable Tech for Learning Barry Sampson – The Best Learning Design In The World. Ever. Debora Figueiredo – Born In A Digital World Owen Ferguson – The Baloney Detection Toolkit Geert Berghuis – How an exchange platform can improve traineeships Sukhvinder Pabial – Being your best self at work Paul Tizzard – Why icebreakers are a waste of time Matt Brewer – What we can learn from WWI and other stories John Curran – Teaching Sells! Dipesh Mistry – CIPD Changed my life Martin Couzins – 10 questions for L&D We were delighted with the response. From seasoned pros to intrepid first timers, we’ve got talks of all sorts for you. We had a really hard time picking who was going to speak. So much so that we are now running not one, but two Ignites, one on each day! On both days, you will find in Theatre 10 of Learning & Skills 3.15pm-3.45pm, situated near the Social Learning Zone and the Learning & Skills Exchange (check out the floorplans). We hope you’ll come and join us for some talks with a difference. Share...

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How to run your own learning social – Part 2

A few weeks back we decided we would share what we have learned about getting a local learning social going in the hope of giving other people the opportunity for social learning in the most social of senses – chatting learning down the pub. We get sooo much from running these events and we’re pretty sure people get a lot out of attending too. In this second post we want to cover how you get started. It’s not complicated, but there are a few useful things we’ve picked up to save you learning the hard way. Get a partner Optional, but I’d been kicking this idea around for a year before I met Sam and we put it into action. It just takes the responsibility for getting things done off one person’s shoulders. How many guests? Aim small to begin with – from our experience, if you can get a dozen people to your first event you’ll be doing well. We regularly get 10-20 in Bristol (it can fluctuate wildly) but we had as few as five people at the earliest events. Find a venue This has proved to be the hardest part. Finding somewhere that is low cost (preferably free) easy to find easy to park near isn’t too busy can take ages. Our advice is don’t worry – for your first event just run it as a...

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All about the fail – wee Bath 2

We’re going to have to start with an apology – if you tried to join us for weelearning this week in Bath, we let you down. Someone suggested the Raven of Bath as a possible venue and we took it on without due diligence. As it turned out there were plenty of people also choosing the Raven for whatever they were doing and there were no seats. Instead we decamped to the West Gate, which turned out to be a pretty good venue for space to chat, drink and eat. We did tweet our change of venue, but sorry...

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When potential comes to fruition

This post is part of the L&D Connect HR Blog Carnival, which this year is going under the seasonal theme of “When potential comes to fruition.” When L&D people talk about “potential” it’s usually in conjunction with the idea of unlocking that which is inside your company’s existing “talent”. How do you spark the potential difference between what your staff are doing and what they could do, if they were just grown in the right way. Being a techy kinda guy, I look at things a bit differently. There is potential in your IT systems. It’s easy to be seduced by tech – to think that the solution to your problems will be found in a new app or gadget, with or without the fruity logo. Marketers and sales people come whispering (or shouting) with promises of new programs, the latest releases, innovative systems that will make our jobs easier, our companies more productive and our futures more assured, if only we spend, spend, spend. Thankfully, if nothing else, the recession has given us a chance to pause on that front and think twice and for one I’m not going to suggest that as a solution. The question I want to ask is: how potent is the kit your desk? Are you making the most of it? Does your company make the most of the crop tied up with...

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