The L&D community, like its HR parent, loves a good buzzword. And few have buzzed louder over the last few years than “Tin Can”, the mysterious successor to the ubiquitous SCORM.

But wee think that unlike most of the other words that get bandied about at Learning Technologies this one, Tin Can, or xAPI to give it its proper title*, is genuinely exciting.

Where all the other trends – social learning, video, MOOCs, learner-centric design – are shifts in philosophy or L&D catching up with what our learners are doing anyway, xAPI genuinely makes possible a whole different way of gathering information about our learners so we can give them different experiences in a way that simply hasn’t been possible before. For once the bombastic claim that the industry is changed actually sounds like it might be true.

So, what does xAPI mean? How can we use it? How can we start to get used to it?

Conveniently we intend to ask all these questions and hope that someone has an answer at our next gathering of the increasingly clumsily named Bristol weeLN elearning Social Meetup.

Join us on Wednesday 9 March, from 6.30pm, at the lovely Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, King Street, Bristol for more of the same chat, friendly disagreement and a few delicious drinks (they’ve good food too!). And we’ll even be playing a bit of “xAPI Against Humanity”, courtesy of the geniuses at HT2, to really get our heads around how it works…

The Bristol eLearning Meetup is a social meetup for the eLearning Network and organised by Fireant Creative as the Bristol eLearning Meetup. Oh, and wee show up for good measure.

Sign up for FREE tickets here.

* ooh, that’s contentious. I’ve seen grown adults turnover tables at the distinction.
** alright, I made that up, but some people have pretty strong views about it.