What’s on the fringe of learning in 2016?

weelearning’s hookup with Bristol eLearning Meetup continues in 2016 when we get together to talk about fringe technologies – those sorts of things that you really want to use for your next project, but your manager just rolls their eyes and says, yeah, yeah, maybe next time…

So it’s going to be about crazy stuff like virtual reality, branching video, physical props (say whaaaat!?) and maybe even this funny new thing you may not have heard about – xAPI…

All the usual stuff then. All served up with good beer and chat at the King William on King Street. Join us from 6.30pm on Wednesday 13 January 2016. You can sign up on the Meetup page or just tweet us to let us know if you’re coming.

Bristol eLearning Meetup is a regional meetup for the eLearning Network, too!

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