11pm Monday night – Google chat pops up on my laptop. It’s Dan.

Dan – Bad news someone has dropped out of the Ignite session for day 2 of Learning Technologies.

Sam – Hmm, I guess one of us could step up and do a talk, how about we do rock/paper/scissors to decide?

Dan – On Google chat?

Sam – Sure, you can go first

Dan – Ok, Rock

Sam – Paper

Dan – But Rock always wins??!!

Sam – Ok now I feel bad. Wait, I’ve got an idea – An Ignite duet!

Dan – Are you crazy?

Sam – what if we did a review of the Exhibition and compiled it into an Ignite talk during the show?

Dan – You’re definitely crazy, but it might just work. We could crowd-source some of it on Twitter!

Sam – so it’s decided we’re going to ignore all the advice we gave everyone else doing the Ignite talks and wing it

Dan – When you put it like that it sounds ridiculous

Sam – Too late I just tweeted it…

So here we are, we need your help to avoid making fools of ourselves at the end of the exhibition on Thursday. We will be delivering the final Ignite talk, unrehearsed on a wing and a prayer, inspired by everything we’ve seen across the two days. There will be highs and lows, tears and laughter, cursing at dodgy wifi. But we can do this together!

We need you to share your experiences of the Exhibition (not the Conference – we’re not allowed up there!). Imagine there was an award ceremony at the end of the Exhibition. What would the award categories be? Who would be your winners? This is where we need your help. Tweet us (@burrough or @danroddy or use #ignitelts) or comment below if you can help, but please don’t leave us hanging!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Most exciting product
  • Most likely to change the world
  • Flavor Flav’s Don’t believe the hype award
  • Best in show
  • Best freebies
  • If we had any money we would definitely buy…
  • Best slides
  • Most entertaining stand/team
  • Quote of the show

Fortunately we also have 10 well prepared speakers to dazzle you across both days. Here’s the who and the when:

Barry Sampson
Sukh Pabial
Ger Driesen
Matt Brewer
Debs Figueiredo
Owen Ferguson

Martin Couzins
John Curran
Dipesh Mistry
Dave Kelly
Owen Ferguson
Us (please help)

See you at the show!

Post by: Sam Burrough (39 Posts)