Shameless puppy exploitation

Shameless puppy exploitation

UPDATE: This post was a last gasp attempt to shift enough tickets to get The Big Idea off the ground. Alas, it did not work. So there’s not much point in reading it really, unless you want to learn from our mistakes, admire our transparency and openness. Or maybe you just like chihuahuas and popcorn.


Tickets to The Big Idea have been on sale for just over a month. We’ve had some great feedback about the idea and it seemed like people were really excited about the event.  We’ve even got a highly respected Learning Architect coming along to write and record a piece for eLearning age…

But so far we’ve only sold a handful of tickets.

We know it requires a leap of faith for you to book something so different and perhaps we didn’t communicate the benefits as well as we might have done at the start. But, like any event we have to sell a certain number of tickets, a certain period of time before the event, to know that we can pay for the venue and deliver the experience we’re promising. This isn’t about making a profit, just covering practical costs.

That time has come.

So, if you like the idea  and you want to be part of something new and exciting, please back us and book your ticket today. Don’t wait until the last minute before making your mind up, because if you do this event simply won’t happen.

The bottom line is we need 20 more bookings by next Sunday or we will have to cancel the event.  Its only fair to those that have booked to let them know before they arrange their travel.

We’ve extended the £55 early bird rate until then. Now it’s up to you..

Photo Credit: Sergio Buss via Compfight cc

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