Big Idea LogoMost events we go to are about listening to other people talk about the great things they’ve done. Or, listening to industry gurus talk about the best way to do one thing or another. That’s fine and dandy, but it can get a bit repetitive, not to mention expensive. It seems like such a waste to get so many interesting, talented people together and then only hear from a handful of them.

The Big Idea is different, it’s a chance for anyone to tell everyone about something they’d like to do.

Have you ever pitched an idea to your boss, or a client, that you know is great, but they just don’t get it?
They want to play it safe.
What do you do with that idea?
Do you put it to the back of your drawer, file it away and just accept that the world isn’t ready for it yet?
No, you dust it off and bring it to Bristol.

The Big Idea is your chance to tell the world about your idea, why you want to use it and what you want to do with it. But it’s much more than that, if your idea is chosen you’ll get the chance to develop it using design thinking, with a group of inspiring people like you, in a high energy design jam.

What is design thinking?

It’s a popular design methodology that’s being used around the world in business, education and er design, to solve really hard problems. If you’ve ever thought that maybe design should focus more on the people who are going to use it, if you’ve ever thought you’d like to try a more agile design process, if you’ve ever thought that you should do more testing early on in your design, then you’re going to love design thinking.

At the Big Idea you will get to experience the whole design process and we’ve curated a fantastic collection of design thinking resources so you can go away and try it back in your own business.

Check out the Big Idea page for more details, or book your ticket below. Tickets are just £55 each until midnight on the 3rd March (this includes lunch and refreshments)

If you have any questions please email

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