OK so I’ve been struggling to write this post for several days now, mostly because I keep learning interesting new things and I’m probably suffering from some sort of information overload, albeit a rather inspiring kind.

So instead of the post I’ve failed to write I’m going to recommend you go and read Serious Gaming, The Next Frontier for Learning? by Hans de Zwart, which frankly was the straw that broke me. He covers what I was thinking about much more concisely.

One thing I really want to get across is that anyone who designs learning experiences will benefit from learning more about game design. We’ve collected some fantastic resources to get you started on this Scoop.it page so there really are no excuses:

That’s why we’ve invited an experienced games designer to join us next Wednesday. So think about what you want to know and post any questions here.

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scradam/

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