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A massive thank you, as always, to everyone who made it out to weeLearning last week and especially to our speakers, Steve Hull from the JISC Digital Media team and Stephen Lee from Annotag.

This month we took a closer look at video in learning. Steve Hull kicked things off with examples of how simple, low budget, no frills video is transforming education. We looked at examples like these from Khan Academy, Coursera and Upside Down Academy which all use pretty average quality video and sound. What makes them stand out is passionate and knowledgeable presenters (although Upside Down Academy flips that on it’s head). Hundreds of thousands of people are watching these videos and not even noticing the mediocre video quality. As Steve said “content is king”.
So, it follows that lecture capture is a massive trend in universities around the world, but it’s a pain to have to have all the kit and extra people to make decent recordings. Swivl solves this problem by turning your iphone or flip cam into a cameraman that can follow you round the room. Here’s a short post that explains more from Donald Clark or you could watch this appropriately low quality video of Steve demoing it in the pub.
Imagine how easily you could record live training sessions, or by sticking your webcam on it, present to a live audience at the same time as an online audience.
Next up was Stephen from Annotag. Their service lets you live stream video to the cloud, or upload recordings. The clever bit is how it syncs to your powerpoint deck as you are recording and embeds metadata from your slides or speaker notes. This makes your videos searchable. So instead of having a list of skip points in your video like “skip to 02:34 to hear about claims procedures” you just search for it or click on the tag cloud. You don’t have to spend hours in post production either adding all the metadata beacuse it does it all for you. Take a look at this storify to get an idea how impressed we all were.

weeLearning 6 was all about video in learning, here’s what people were saying about it

To get a better idea of what you can do with this kind of technology check out the Learning Technologies 2012 video channel.What if you combined Annotag and Swivl? You could record any live training sessions single handed and make all of your content reusable and searchable instantly.How are you using video to support learning in your organisation?
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5 comments on “weeLearning 6 – Roundup
  1. John Curran says:

    Great summary….not quite the same as being there but definitely the next best thing!

  2. Sounds like it was a great evening. I’m a great fan of point, click and capture. High production values are great, but often costly and not adding anything more to the bottom line

    • Dan says:

      Hi Alex, you’re right. Quick and dirty wins out in a lot of cases. Unless you have lots of money, or are going to make a lot of money out of it, fancy production is potentially just a money pit.

      John – every event needs its own member of the Twitterati!

    • sam says:

      Agreed, you’re better off spending your money on the infrastructure to distribute the content effectively and create a good user experience

  3. It’s Stephen Clee … missed this one, but would have done the 400 mile return journey as he has some great ideas and interesting products.

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