I’ve been thinking a lot about what weeLearning is and I’d like to tell you how I see it.

21st Century learner

  1. weeLearning is an attempt to recreate our favourite bit about conferences and seminars. The bit where you head down the pub afterwards to discuss all the stuff you’ve seen, chat about what you do and find out what your peers are doing. It’s great to hear from the leading thinkers at big events, but it’s the one to one chats that happen at lunch, or down the pub afterwards that I enjoy most and it’s the relationships that helps to build that I value the most.
  2. You can’t just sit back and hope that will happen. You have to give people a reason to come, you have to create some sort of experience for people to share, so they’ve got something to talk about in the first place. So our second goal is to give the talented people who live in the West a platform to express their ideas and the things they are passionate about. We know a lot of people like you are doing great things with technology and learning in the West country and we want you to share them with us and with each other.
  3. There aren’t many opportunities for teachers and educators to mingle with people involved in corporate learning. We believe that anyone using technology to help anyone else learn can benefit from sharing their experiences with each other. So our third aim is to create a space that bridges this divide. We can learn so much from each other by sharing stories about what we do, so if you can come and share your stories at one of our meet-ups.

We can’t predict the opportunities that coming along will create for you, your school, college or company. Maybe nothing will come from it, but at the very least you’ll meet some like-minded people and have a good chat.

We look forward to meeting you (or seeing you again) very soon.


(image courtesy of Giulia Forsythe)

Post by: Sam Burrough (39 Posts)