The Conference season kicks into overdrive this month with BETTLearning Technologies, Learning and Skills and Learning without Frontiers. We’d all love to go to at least one of these stellar events but most of us can’t afford the time off work or the train ticket, let alone the admission price, so we’re offering an alternative to those of you lucky enough to live near Bristol; the next installment of weelearning.

A little late off the starting line, but we’re all set for our second evening of talking learning and technology. We’ll be downstairs again at The Bristol Ram on Park Street Bristol from 7.30pm onwards. Dan Roddy will be giving us a run down of his trip to BETT and you can expect at least one other short talk to get things going. As so many people joined us in spirit on Twitter at the last event we’re thinking about having a theme or question for the night which we’ll use to integrate the online discussion with the face to face chat. Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

We’ve also decided to make a change to the way weelearning operates. We think it’s important these events take place in a relatively private space for obvious practical reasons and this doesn’t come for free. Originally we thought we could hold a raffle and sell tickets to recoup the cost using the books and licenses we received from PACKT as prizes. But neither Dan or I are salesmen and frankly we don’t want to spend our evenings trying to flog you raffle tickets and worrying about how many we need to sell to break even. So instead we’ve decided to start charging a small amount for entry to starting with the next one on Wednesday 18th January.

It’ll only cost £3 per person and each ticket will automatically enter you into the prize draw to win a selection of books and licenses donated to us by PACKT. We would love to keep it 100% free, but eLearning philanthropy is a little bit out of our price range at the moment at least that’s what my wife tells me.

We think that making this change now will ensure a bright and stable future for events throughout 2012 and beyond. Please let us know what you think in the comments or better still face to face at the next event on Wednesday 18th Jan. Alternatively tell us about any local venues who would give us a room for free.

Post by: Sam Burrough (39 Posts)