Thanks to the hardy souls who braved the winteriest evening of the year so far to join us at the Bristol Ram for the inaugural weelearning, and a second, but no less important thanks, to those of you out there who joined in the conversation on Twitter!

the talks

Those that made it were “treated” to a couple of short talks that worked well to stimulate debate. First up, Kate Graham spoke to the group about the need for care in choosing the words we use to express ourselves. Kate, who is a marketing consultant with lots of experience of the online learning world, sparked a debate that spread far beyond the walls of the Ram – you’ll find a discussion on Twitter, quite literally with our name on it, that picked up on something Kate had said about the naming of things.If you want to know more about Kate’s talk, do check out her blog as she talks about the experience of giving the same talk under pechakucha conditions.

The second talk, given by wee founder Dan Roddy, took a look at some examples of the fad de jour, gamification, and how they can be applied to learning. Here’s the slideshare version..



For those that attended we did offer up two remarkable gifts from our sponsors, Packt Publishing. Sue from Willow DNA and Zak Mensah from JISC were the lucky recipients of 12 month licences to Packt’s online library of elearning resources – that’s over 20 titles. In addition, in recognition of Reading-based Kate’s efforts to join us, she received a copy of WordPress 3 Complete to help her create her new website while a couple of days later, our keenest champion on Twitter, Craig Taylor, received a copy of Moodle 2.0 e-Learning Course Development, a guide to creating courses in the open-source LMS. A huge thanks to Packt for their support, and if you are keen to check out their products, then come along to the next weelearning as Packt have offered to help us out again!

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