weelearning is really pleased to announce Packt Publishing is to sponsor our first event.

Packt are a modern, UK-based publishing house who produce indispensable books for elearning people – developers, administrators and newbies. Packt have a strong commitment to open source software too, in particular they have strong support for Moodle, but also other great tools for elearning folk like GIMP, Inkscape and WordPress.

Since 2010 Packt have also offered a great e-book offer – PacktLib. For a monthly fee you can access their full catalogue of books online – that’s over 640 titles or to put it another way, 100,000 pages of useful information.

Why did I (Dan) approach Packt? Because I have several of their books on my shelf – in particular I refer to Moodle Administration pretty much every time I have to tweak a setting in my workplace Moodle install. They’re also big supporters of open source software, which I like, and they’re British and doing well. Best of all, Packt are useful to all of us in elearning, whether in-house specialist, working in education or as a commercial elearning developer; Packt’s books are relevant to everyone we want to come to weelearning.

what does Packt’s support mean for weelearning?

It means we can run the event free of charge, quite simply Packt give us stuff which we can raffle off to the people that come along on the night and support us online

Post by: Sam Burrough (39 Posts)