There’s no shortage of events, conferences and seminars these days about learning and technology, so why should you give up your free time to come to weelearning..?  

The idea for weelearning was born a few months back when Dan and I arranged to meet down the pub one Sunday afternoon. We didn’t know each other, we’d never met face to face, but we knew of each other thanks to the eLearning Network and Twitter. To some, especially my wife, this may seem a little odd,

“you’re going out to meet some guy you met on the internet for a few drinks”

“er, yes”


“um, we thought it might be fun to talk about what we do at work”

Now one of the reasons this seemed peculiar to her was because she’s a solicitor and she works with lots of people her age, with similar interests and there’s a great social life at her firm. They’re always going out for drinks and more often than not they end up talking about work. If, like Dan and I, you are the only person who deals with learning technology in your office you tend to miss out on that sort of thing.

So to make this modest dream a reality we have secured exclusive use of the downstairs area of The Bristol Ram on Park Street, Bristol. The evening will start around 7.30pm, we’ll have a couple of short talks to kick things off about 8.00pm for no more than half an hour, then we’ll just chat and have a few drinks. It’s completely free to attend and if enough of you turn up we’ll make it a regular event.

Post by: Sam Burrough (39 Posts)