What’s on the fringe of learning in 2016?

weelearning’s hookup with Bristol eLearning Meetup continues in 2016 when we get together to talk about fringe technologies – those sorts of things that you really want to use for your next project, but your manager just rolls their eyes and says, yeah, yeah, maybe next time…

So it’s going to be about crazy stuff like virtual reality, branching video, physical props (say whaaaat!?) and maybe even this funny new thing you may not have heard about – xAPI…

All the usual stuff then. All served up with good beer and chat at the King William on King Street. Join us from 6.30pm on Wednesday 13 January 2016. You can sign up on the Meetup page or just tweet us to let us know if you’re coming.

Bristol eLearning Meetup is a regional meetup for the eLearning Network, too!

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Join us to talk about elearning visuals

Wee’ve found new friends so weelearning is back as a monthly get together. In December we’re talking about visuals in elearning. Among those already confirmed as going are developers with years of experience so if you want to ask questions about any aspect of creating visuals to make your elearning more effective and appealing, this is your chance.

Bristol eLearning Meetup

Of course, this is a social so bring your friends and a designated driver – we’re at the excellent Famous Royal Navy Volunteer in King Street, Bristol. Look out for our sign.

And, of course, our elearning social is presented in conjunction with the eLearning Network, run by the eLearning community, for the eLearning community.

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weeLN – wee meet up with eLN colleagues

We’d like to think that they got the idea from us – the eLearning Network, the long established group for elearning professionals across the UK and further afield, has launched regional meetups for members.

Just like weelearning, eLN regional events are free local meetups for people involved with or interested in elearning to get together and talk about, the latest tech, what we’re working on, new trends and all that good stuff, all the while enjoying a refreshing beverage and perhaps a decent burger.

So what could make more sense than weelearning and eLN getting together here in Bristol?

  • weeLN
  • Wednesday 19 August 2015
  • 6.30pm till later
  • The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, King Street, Bristol, BS1 4EF
  • Barcamp style – three tables, three speakers
  • Theme: New Initiatives

We’re adopting a barcamp style – three speakers will get debate going by sharing their experiences with new initiatives they’ve tried in their organisations. You find out more about their successes and not such successes. You’ll have time to ask them why it was worth trying and how they’d do it differently the next time before we rotate the tables. Think of it as speed-dating for ideas. After we’ve done a lap it’s time to follow up your conversations and make new connections with weelearners and eLN members alike, including, we hope, current eLN Chair, John Curran.

We’ve chosen the Volley on King Street as it’s near to rail and bus connections as well as offering lots of parking nearby. In the heart of what I can only describe as Bristol’s hipster craft beer quarter, it serves good food and great beer.

The eLearning Network are also offering events in Derby and Bracknell. You can find out more, as well as register for a FREE ticket for weeLN on the regional events page of the eLearning Network website.

Join us to seek some respite from the kids being home all day and remind yourself of the real reason you get up in the mornings – elearning!

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