weeLN – wee meet up with eLN colleagues

We’d like to think that they got the idea from us – the eLearning Network, the long established group for elearning professionals across the UK and further afield, has launched regional meetups for members.

Just like weelearning, eLN regional events are free local meetups for people involved with or interested in elearning to get together and talk about, the latest tech, what we’re working on, new trends and all that good stuff, all the while enjoying a refreshing beverage and perhaps a decent burger.

So what could make more sense than weelearning and eLN getting together here in Bristol?

  • weeLN
  • Wednesday 19 August 2015
  • 6.30pm till later
  • The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, King Street, Bristol, BS1 4EF
  • Barcamp style – three tables, three speakers
  • Theme: New Initiatives

We’re adopting a barcamp style – three speakers will get debate going by sharing their experiences with new initiatives they’ve tried in their organisations. You find out more about their successes and not such successes. You’ll have time to ask them why it was worth trying and how they’d do it differently the next time before we rotate the tables. Think of it as speed-dating for ideas. After we’ve done a lap it’s time to follow up your conversations and make new connections with weelearners and eLN members alike, including, we hope, current eLN Chair, John Curran.

We’ve chosen the Volley on King Street as it’s near to rail and bus connections as well as offering lots of parking nearby. In the heart of what I can only describe as Bristol’s hipster craft beer quarter, it serves good food and great beer.

The eLearning Network are also offering events in Derby and Bracknell. You can find out more, as well as register for a FREE ticket for weeLN on the regional events page of the eLearning Network website.

Join us to seek some respite from the kids being home all day and remind yourself of the real reason you get up in the mornings – elearning!

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wee’re welcoming the eLearning Network to Bristol

Our friends at the eLearning Network are returning to Bristol with the first of their new look events on 16 July at the Bristol & Bath Science Park. Join other weelearners at the event to discuss where elearning is going.

If you’ve ever attended an eLN event you’ll know how useful they can be. If it’s your first, you’ll find it a great way to find out what others like you are up to and extend your connections in the industry. Better still, the line up for this event is really strong, with speakers including Lisa Minogue-White, Lindsey Coode, Mark Berthelemy and Owen Ferguson, so you can guarantee the discussion will be top notch.

Here’s what the eLN has to say:

This workshop looks at some of the latest developments in eLearning from agile project development approaches to the use of responsive design in developing content for multiple devices. We also take a look at what blended learning means in 2015 and give you an opportunity to do some crystal ball gazing with an Open Space session exploring a range of possible directions that eLearning might take in 2016.
  • Agile development in eLearning
  • The new blended learning
  • Responsive design in eLearning
  • What’s new in Learning Technologies
  • Open Space session
Best of all, the event is free to eLN members and membership is now just £29. (It used to be much more, so you really have no excuse now!) Simply join the eLearning Network and sign up. Wee’re not going to miss it.

More weelearning news soon…

It’s been a while since our last gathering, but wee’re not dead, wee’ve just been really busy with other projects. In the meantime, wee’re on the look out for people who might want to share their stories and success at a future weevent. If you fancy sharing your experience with a group of local elearning types over drinks, give us a shout.

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Making Time for Innovation

Innovation is a bit of a buzz word these days, by which of course we mean it’s become pretty meaningless. Lots of people talk about it very few actually do it. MOOC Pro and Curatr have teamed up again to help solve this problem, or rather they’ve teamed up to help you solve this problem with their latest MOOC.

Check out the video below to learn more.

If you like the sound of it you can sign up for free here: Innovating Your Training Business

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